Jan. 2012 – National Awareness campaign “let’s set limits to the unlimited”

In the midst of the debate on the “right to be digitally forgotten” on the internet, a new prevention campaign was launched on the 13th of January 2012, this campaign was graciously donated by COMPLUS, a Monegasque communication agency. With it, ACTION INNOCENCE MONACO would like to remind teenagers that they are responsible of their image and their e-reputation.

“Let’s set limits to the unlimited” was born from the realisation that children, whatever their age, are unaware of the consequences of what they do on the internet and the permanence of it.

After meeting with them, the Monegasque communication agency COMPLUS decided to donate this prevention campaign and put all their team’s talents at the service of our cause in order to create this larger than life everyday scene.

We are faced with a new kind of violence, more insidious than physical violence, namely the sharing of degrading photos for the victims of these incidents. It is important to note that sometimes, the victims themselves willingly get naked without realising that not only are these images going to circulate around the world but also they will never disappear from the internet. It is very important that children realise that as soon as they send a photo or accept that a photo of themselves is sent on the internet, they totally loose control of this image and that it can follow them for years.

Thanks/ Action Innocence Monaco thanks COMPLUS very much for having donated this prevention campaign and put all their team’s talent at the service of our cause to create this larger than life everyday scene.


Action Innocence Monaco est heureuse de célébrer son 20ème anniversaire avec le soutien de 6 célébrités emblématiques du monde du sport, de la chanson et des réseaux sociaux.

ℹ️ bit.ly/3Fs5ezF


Cette vidéo, spécialement créée pour célébrer cet anniversaire, tire la sonnette d’alarme face aux nouveaux #dangers d'#Internet auxquels les #jeunes sont confrontés à cette époque du tout numérique.

SI vous adhérez au slogan phare de l’association « OUI à l’Internet, NON à ses dangers », #partagez cette #vidéo sur vos réseaux et ainsi vous nous soutiendrez, vous aussi, dans nos #actions de #sensibilisation.

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