Our Actions

By developing our youngsters’ critical sense, we aim to move beyond an approach based strictly on prohibition.
In order to do that, a general mobilization of the entire educational chain downstream is needed. We would like to unite all actors (parents, teachers, politicians) to make the internet a safe place.

Therefore our action takes many forms:

  • A website: www.actioninnocencemonaco.com
  • Promoting a secure internet practice through prevention campaigns in schools: our main mission consists in informing and warning children, parents, teachers and institutions, of the risks and abuses inherent to the internet. Our psychologist’s mission is to facilitate prevention sessions. To date this program has been implemented from CE2 classes (third year of primary school) until the 3ème (4th year of high school), in all the Principality’s schools and we also go on request to schools in France.
  • Our prevention campaigns are aimed at the general public: we try to touch an ever growing number of people with hard-hitting awareness campaigns, for them to realise the high risks and abuses linked to an unsupervised usage of the internet.
  • Prevention technologies: we recommend a revolutionary tool called FILTRA that allows parents to choose the most effective method of filtering. That they can then install on their computers, phones, tablets, consoles in order to protect their children. FILTRA lists and grades all the existing filters on the market. It is available on the following website: www.filtra.info.
  • We ensure a technology watch and we have carried out the implementation of specialised software for the “Sûreté Publique de Monaco” (the Monaco’s police), which detects illegal downloading of data containing child pornography contents. Our association has trained the “Sûreté Publique de Monaco” in the configuration and use of this software, that they now use daily at the “Brigade des Mineurs” (the juvenile division).
  • Our legal and political actions: having become more aware because of our actions, the Principality of Monaco has developed a legal provision allowing punishment of any infringement carried out on our children.
Our goal is to give children the keys to mastering the internet!