Fight Against the Traffic of Illicit Files

Since 2003, Action Innocence Monaco works closely with the “Sureté Publique Monégasque” (Monaco police) in order to fight against the traffic of illicit files. To do so, it has provided the police force with a tool, free of charge, allowing them to track these files containing illicit material.

Thanks to this close collaboration, in April 2010 Monaco received the Francopol award on cyber crime, for its fight against cyber crime.

In 2012 after having made a technology watch, Action Innocence Monaco set up the “Sûreté Publique” with a new specialised software that detects illegal downloading of child pornography data.

The members of the cyber crime department of the “Sûreté Publique” were trained by Action Innocence Monaco in the configuration and use of this software that is today used daily by the juvenile division.