🌟 You Are All Invited! 🌟 Join the Magic of the Christmas Trees by Action Innocence Monaco 2023 🎄❤️

🎄✨ Join us for a joyful Christmas Trees celebration by Action Innocence Monaco 2023! 🌟 We’d love to have you with us! 🎉❤️ See you there! 🌟🎄

🗓️ December 13
🕕 6:00 PM

Don’t miss the Christmas tree exhibition starting Monday, December 11, 2023, in the evening! 🎄✨

Welcome everyone to the exceptional event of the year! 🌲✨ The Christmas Trees of Action Innocence Monaco 2023 invite you to a magical evening in support of the Action Innocence Monaco association. Join us for a charming and solidarity-filled Christmas celebration with the Little Singers of Monaco under the direction of Pierre Debat.

Date and Venue:
The evening will take place on December 13 starting at 6:00 PM at the Hôtel de Paris – Monte-Carlo. An iconic venue that will add a special touch to this sparkling celebration.

Under the Direction of Pierre Debat:
The Little Singers of Monaco, led by Pierre Debat, will animate the evening with their enchanting melodies, creating a joyful and charming atmosphere.

Christmas Tree Exhibition:
The event will kick off with the Christmas tree exhibition on the evening of Monday, December 11, 2023, adding festive anticipation before the magical evening.

The Christmas Trees of Action Innocence Monaco will be auctioned, providing everyone with the opportunity to support this commendable cause while embellishing their Christmas in a unique and meaningful way.

Free Admission:
Access to the event is free for all who wish to join this warm initiative. An opportunity to experience the magic of Christmas while contributing to the protection of children.

Practical Information:
For more details, visit the website www.actioninnocencemonaco.com. All event-related information, including the auction procedure and related activities, is available on the official website of the association.

For more information, please contact us by email at actioninnocencemonaco@gmail.com.

Together, Let’s Make the Magic of Christmas Shine:
The event aims to spread Christmas joy in the hearts of children, symbolizing the spirit of generosity and solidarity. Use the hashtags #ActionInnocenceMonaco, #NoelSolidaire, #PetitsChanteursMonaco, and #EnfanceHeureuse to share your support and experience.

Recognition Message:
A sincere thank you to our generous partners, without whom this charitable event would not be possible. Your contribution makes a difference.

Stay Connected:
For the latest news and updates, follow #AIMCnews, #ActionInnocenceMonaco, #OnlineChildrenSafety, #SecuritéInternet, and #ParentalitéNumerique. You can also visit our social media to stay connected and get news!

Together, let’s make this festive season an unforgettable moment, blending the magic of Christmas with the spirit of generosity towards children. Happy holidays to all! 🎄❤️🎁

ACTION INNOCENCE MONACO “Le Continental A”. Place des Moulins . 98000 Monaco

Tél. +377 97 77 51 11 Mail : actioninnocencemonaco@gmail.com Website : www.aimc.mc

Action Innocence Monaco fights to preserve the safety, dignity and integrity of children on the Internet.

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