Our Values

Children’s Rights

Action Innocence Monaco would like to ensure access to information for children that fits their stage of development in terms of age and maturity, while making them participate in the creation of a healthier and more responsible environment. It is a part of the sphere of influence recognising children’s rights within the meaning of the convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations the 20th of November 1989 (section 12).


Action Innocence Monaco works on the basis of strict independence regarding any structure or power should it be political, religious, economic or else.

Responsibility and Transparency

Action Innocence Monaco obliges itself to best use its skills and means. It is its duty to report its actions transparently to the general public and to its donors.


Action Innocence Monaco consists of volunteers and employees sharing a same objective. All members are complimentary and united in their experiences and skills; they are a committed and motivated team.


The sustainability of the mission as well as the development policy of its actions relies on a national and international partnership network in the private and public sectors. The association has established a real network of experience and knowledge, its cooperation and the capacity of its knowledge exchange is what allows the progress and implementation of projects.