School Prevention

In primary school, college and high school, our psychologist intervenes with students during a 1h to 1h30 prevention session per class. Based on the age, the group dynamic but also the demands of the school, different modules are used in order to best answer the youngsters’ needs. Therefore with the younger ones we spend time understanding how the internet works with illustrations and animations in order for them to understand and register the concept of a “public place”. Themes such as bad encounters, cyber harassment, shocking images and illegal contents are addressed according to the maturity of the groups and always using adapted wording and welcoming their feedback. Moreover, it is from their experience that we can come back and think all together about good and bad internet practices.

Children’s module

The basics of how the internet works and how information and communication technologies work are presented in a fun way and are illustrated by small animations. The sessions are always interactive and dynamic; they are an opportunity to chart a pathway to a serene and civic use of the Internet.

Secondary school student’s module

Inspired by daily teenage situations and using comic strips or small videos, we tackle with them the different dimensions at stake when using information and communication technologies, we always link it to teenage issues.

High school students and young adults

Information and communication technologies are addressed with their future career in mind, and always stimulating reflections on behaviours and responsibilities as an internet user.