Prevention/Awareness meetings for parents

Module 1: Internet and its dangers

This module offers a general take on the many dangers existing on the net and allows parents and adults to see the internet from a child’s perspective. Shocking images, the problems of bad encounters, defamation, sexting practices and happy slapping, impersonation, legislation, illegal sites as well as reporting procedures are talked about. Concrete advice is offered in order to help parents make a stand. Dialogue and active listening are put forward and personal resources are encouraged.

Module 2. The “screen” effect

This module encourages us to be self-critical concerning our screen use. While tackling the dangers linked to the use of the internet, it reminds us that it is a tool we welcome in our lives, in our own ways and that it is not without consequences. There is support in times of conflict, it can also become a means of communication allowing the development of our children’s critical mind. With this module, we are all made to be responsible as internet users, but also as parents. Without having to feel guilty, it invites us to think again so that we can readjust our positioning regarding “new technologies”, or, should we say “ information and communication technologies” (TIC).

Module 3: “Harassment and cyber-harassment”
Understanding it to be able to react

This module’s inspiration comes from recent studies done by the French “Ministère de l’Eductation Nationale” (Ministry of Education) and invites us to think about the phenomenon of harassment and cyber-harassment not just in terms of “good and bad” but replacing it within the complexity of human psyche and intersubjective relations. Preconceived ideas are addressed in order to overcome them and to be able to listen to the suffering at stake in these circumstances, from the victim’s as well as from the aggressor’s point of view. Lines of thought and action are offered in order to detect this suffering and allow it to come out in a different way than violence (should it be physical or psychological).