“Think before clicking or liking!” 😉

The NetCode – 5th Grade – Action Innocence

The NetCode – 4th Grade – Action Innocence

Living, loving, seducing in the digital era…

Is being an adolescent today that different then 20 years ago? Can we ignore this special link that unites adolescents to new technologies?
The internet allows us to communicate, express our creativity, share our passions … and it also allows us to keep a close link to our loved ones. But when notions of private life and copyright images tend to disappear, and when the internet becomes for some people an exhibition place, an escape valve … it is essential to set rules and set or reset benchmarks.
As a major player in the prevention of danger on the internet, Action Innocence Monaco found its inspiration for these manuals from ten real situations where digital relations lost total reason and respect for one another. These manuals were made to help you take complete advantage of the available resources that new technologies offer us and to avoid their pitfalls.

The Netcode is also…

  • I follow my gut feelings: if something bothers me, I block the contact and delete it.
  • I avoid meetings through the internet. Bad encounters do not always happen to other people.
  • I do not hide behind my screen: no insults, no defamation.
  • I am careful with what I post on my blog and on social media, as they are public places.
  • I protect my personal data and I set my profile to private.
  • I do not take my clothes off in front of a webcam or a mobile phone as the images can be recorded and shared all over the world.
  • I warn a trusted adult when a situation makes me feel uncomfortable or shocks me.
  • I can report a complaint if I am a victim of harassment or blackmail.