AIMC cache webcamAction Innocence, a Monaco charity that informs and creates awareness on the risks and abuses of the internet, will be distributing throughout the school year  webcam masks to all schoolchildren in the Principality in grade CE2  who have participated in the school-based prevention programs provided by the association’s psychologists on the dangers of the Internet and new technologies.

Why use a webcam mask?

In order to reflect today’s reality, a new version of the popular TV series “Les Experts” has just begun and is called “Les Experts Cyber”.
On the 27th of January, an entire programme was dedicated to webcam piracy. It allowed the viewers to see how pirated images were used to harm teenagers and adults through cyber-bullying and cyber-blackmailing, methods that have sadly become common practice.
Pirating a webcam without the victim being aware has become far too easy, it usually goes completely unnoticed as there is no longer a green light indicating that your webcam is being used.

This webcam mask is to be stuck on the computer next to the webcam to be folded out and over the webcam so that your child can be protected from voyeurs and hackers. If your child comes back from school with this little object, please immediately place it on his computers’ webcam.


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